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The National Department of Tourism has established a R142.5 million Green Tourism Incentive Programme (GTIP), which they will run over a three-year period (FY 2017/18 to FY 2019/20), with a key objective of encouraging privately-owned tourism enterprises to move towards cleaner and renewable energy sources.

Each entity (up to R45mil in annual turnover) can raise up to R1 million in grant funding towards implementing energy efficiency solutions like solar solutions and gas geysers, on a cost sharing basis.


The cost sharing means that an applicant could qualify for at least 30% of their project as a grant - never to be repaid.


Assume you have a R3 mil greening project to invest in, at a 30% subsidy, you would receive R900,000 as a grant and you would be required to raise the additional R2,1 mil through loans or your own funding.


By completing this online questionnaire <click here>, Uzenzele provides a free pre-feasibility assessment to determine if your establishment would benefit from an application.


With the growing number of tourists and travelers looking for environmentally conscious establishments, don’t miss out on the opportunity to differentiate your business and “Go Green”.