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There are 3 stages of implementation:

A project plan will be developed with responsible persons to ensure the least amount of interruption in your day-to-day running of business and to improve your chances of success, ensuring all documentation is correctly provided and/or compiled.

  1. Applications/Business Plans – We gather the necessary information, prepare, submit and handle all elements of your application(s) to ensure a successful outcome.
  2. Claims – Once your incentive(s) are approved, we prepare and submit the necessary claims for the incentives to be paid or credited, including gathering all the required documentation, supervising audit certification and attending to all queries. Our assignment is not completed until the allocated incentives are settled in full by Government.
  3. Follow-up – Throughout our appointment, we keep you completely informed, secure your permission before moving forward with anything and constantly ensure the process is moving smoothly. Should your application be unsuccessful, we will appeal the decision until resolved.

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