Process & Approach

UH provides specialist advice on government grants, incentives and loans; focused on Exporters, Manufacturing, BEE Contractors, ESOPS, Sale of Shares for Empowerment, and Black-owned Lifestyle Businesses.

We focus on your business and your future growth plans, and map your eligibility to access particular funds in an easy-to-understand Funding Matrix for clear decision making; saving you time, effort and money.

We harness government grants and developmental loans to boost your bottom line, strengthen your cash flow and enhance your balance sheet, adding value to your business.

UH believes in a shared-risk model where UH has risked an average of up to R250 000 per application before seeing any return through success fees based on funds raised. This ensures you, our client, that we are in the process for the long run and that our focus is to “Get You the Money”.

Our process has 2 distinct phases:

                                 1. Assessment and Consultation: Read More                                          2. Implementation: Read More    

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