Supplier Development

As part of UH’s focus on Supplier Development, UH has been certified as one of the few UNDP Supplier Development Programme (SDP) Consultants.

The SDP is a UNDP initiative in collaboration with ABSA, to work together with countries to increase the competitiveness of value chains by assisting SMMEs to provide more and better products and services to large companies or large buyers.

It helps increase the value by diagnosing, evaluating and certifying SMMEs to be suppliers to large organisations or corporates using a 9-month in-depth intervention which follows a methodology that is based on world best practices. The methodology improves the quality, price, time of delivery, and services offered to large companies.

This aligns with the newly enforced BEE Codes of Good practice (May 2015) and UH is uniquely positioned to provide a tried and tested Supplier Development Programme to South African Large Businesses. UH can also leverage its capacity and capability with accessing finance through existing developmental funding institutions and funds such as the DTI, NEF, IDC and GEP, as well as the commercial partners of the SDP programme, ABSA. UH is thus able to create value for both the Supplier and the Large Business with a win-win approach.

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