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What the SONA and Budget Speech mean for South African SMEs in 2017

This year’s SONA was marked by the President’s announcement of plans for “radical socioeconomic transformation”.


The budget speech, delivered by the Minister of Finance on Wednesday, gave us a more tangible idea of what this will mean for businesses. Both stressed the continued challenge posed by the divide between the previously advantaged and disadvantaged, and the policies they announced continue the push of the National Development Plan to narrow that gap.


SONA 2016- Deal or No Deal?

26 years ago to the day our former President Nelson Mandela stepped out of prison. Today, 11 February 2016, our current President Jacob Zuma took to the podium for the SONA 2016.


The SONA addresses many issues from economics to social matters like education and welfare. My article is purely focussed on business and the key points I got for the SONA.

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